So many people, corporations, and private companies express an interest in helping our cause but not all can join us on our trips. Donating helps fund our surgeries but also allows individuals, corporations, and private companies to take a tax break and decrease their tax liability. In the end, any of the above helps other people with facial deformities. Want to make a difference? Contribute funds instead of your time to the cause. As little as $300 can help fund a 60 minute procedure to change the life of a cleft lip or cleft palate adult or child.

When you give, you also receive!  Donate $50, $100, or $350 and receive a customized tri-color beverage mug, a customized, premium T-shirt, or customized cozy hoodie, respectively!  Visit the link above to receive when you give!  
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Can’t donate time or money? Donate a Facebook Post or tweet and help spread the word about Second Chance Surgeries,Inc., and get others involved!  Copy the content below and post on your Facebook page:
"I am helping to raise money to treat children with cleft lips, palates, and other facial deformities.  Join me and the movement at Second Chance Surgeries, Inc."
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We appreciate your gift!  Please fill out the form below and you'll be taken to our secure PayPal page.  A 100% off all funds donated benefit individuals with cleft lip, palate or other facial deformities.  Thank you for giving! 
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