Donate Time, Money, or a Tweet

So many people, corporations, and private companies express an interest in helping our cause but not all can join us on our trips. Want to make a difference? Visit our Donate page and contribute funds instead of your time to the cause. As little as $300 can help fund a 60 minute procedure to change the lift of a cleft lip or cleft palate adult or child.

Donating your time helps us treat as many children and adults as possible. Donating money helps fund our surgeries but also allows individuals, corporations, and private companies to take a tax break and decrease their tax liability. In the end, any of the above helps other people with facial deformities.

Can’t donate time or money? Donate a Facebook Post or tweet and help spread the word about Second Chance Surgeries and get others involved!

Medical Volunteers
Want to volunteer? Our organization is volunteer-based so we are always looking for medical and non-medical volunteers to help us with our trips. Medical volunteers such as internists, family practitioners, pediatricians, pharmacists, physical therapists, dentists, OB/GYN, and other specialists are highly sought after in all developing countries.

Non-Medical Volunteers
Not a medical professional? No problem. We also need Spanish translators, record keepers, journalists, photographers, writers, care givers, and health care assistants.

Donate Medications
Any new, used, or expired medications can be collected and dropped off at our location below. Our patients in developing countries are very appreciative of any medications they can get, including over-the-counter medications such as acetaminophen, ibuprofen, and aspirin.

Prescription Medications can also be donated and dropped off at our location below. Prescription medications most often needed include NSAID’s, antibiotics, topical medications, steroid packs, nausea medications, local anesthetics, and pain medications. Other medications, such as hypertensives, diabetes meds, etc., are also welcome.

Donate Medical Supplies
Supplies generally needed for our surgeries may also be donated to the drop off location listed below.

Drop Off Location:

Northside Plastic Surgery
1360 Upper Hembree Rd. Suite 201B
Roswell, GA 30076