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ATLANTA, GA (March 14, 2014)Mike Majmundar, MD, director of Northside Facial Cosmetic Surgery, and an Atlanta Top Plastic Surgeon has just returned from Guatemala while on a surgical mission with Medical Outreach of America. Dr. Majmundar joined his team to help the people of Escuintla, an extremely impoverished area 1 hour south of Guatemala City, Guatemala. As an Atlanta Native, Dr. Majmundar has made it a priority to consistently give back and use his skill set for the “other side of plastic surgery.”

There is a misconception that plastic surgery is only intended for aesthetic or beautification purposes, but Dr. Majmundar knows all too well that is untrue. Dr. Majmundar specializes in all forms of facial plastic and reconstructive surgery including not limited to rhinoplasty, face lifts, cleft lip and palate repair, and facial scar and burn repair. During this past trip, Dr. Majmundar operated on a 48 day old baby boy with a severe bilateral cleft lip and palate. That very same night, the little baby was able to take his bottle with ease! That was a significant milestone for the little baby boy. Dr. Majmundar spent a week with others from Medical Outreach of America and within that time, they were able to help many patients with needs ranging from treating an orbital abscess to reconstructing extreme facial deformities. Dr. Majmundar successfully completed surgical procedures on all patients that were in need of medical attention, and who otherwise would not have been able to have the procedures because of lack of a regional plastic surgeon and cost. Dr. Majmundar describes the week long trip as “humbling and gratifying.”

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For Immediate Release
June 13, 2013


ATLANTA, GA: Atlanta Facial Plastic & Reconstructive surgeon Mike Majmundar, M.D. founder and principal of Northside Facial Cosmetic Surgery, recently returned from extending some Southern hospitality, and much needed surgical expertise, to some of the poorest citizens of Guatemala. Working with the non-profit organization Flying Doctors of America (FDOA), Dr. Majmundar and his team were hosted by a government-run hospital in Retalhuleu.

Dr. Majmundar performed fifteen surgeries, mostly on children (one as young as 12 days old) during this trip to Guatemala (his second) with FDOA. During his assessments, he saw lots of smiles as he passed out coloring books, stickers, and stuffed animals to the kids- always one of his favorite parts of the trip. “It’s always rewarding to be able to make the kids smile, and it’s very satisfying to have the opportunity to use our skills to impact these peoples’ lives to such a great extent,” reflected Dr. Majmundar. In fact, without surgery to repair a missing eyelid, the 12-day-old baby would have eventually scratched his cornea and become blind.

This year’s trip was particularly challenging as the hospital kept requiring that he purchase supplies like operating room light bulbs, sheets, and patient gowns before permission would be given for him to use the OR each day. “I didn’t mind purchasing the supplies, it was just frustrating to find out the day’s requirement, and then have to use precious time to track down the needed supplies when I could have been doing more surgery,” he explained. Dr. Majmundar does credit his patients, friends, Northside Hospital, Alpharetta Head & Neck Surgery Center, and Northside ENT for donating money and supplies for the trip. “Without the generosity of my Atlanta contingent of supporters, I wouldn’t have had what I needed to perform surgery,” he stated.

Upon his return home, Dr. Majmundar learned that he had been named one of America’s “Top Doctors” for the third year in a row by U.S.News & World Report and the prestigious Castle Connoly Medical group. It is also the third, consecutive year that he has been named one of Atlanta’s Top Doctors by Atlanta Magazine.
Dr. Mike Majmundar is a double board-certified facial plastic and reconstructive surgeon. He can be reached at 770.475.3146 or online at

This article was published in the Johns Creek Herald April 18, 2013 edition

Doctor helps change lives in Guatemala
Part of 'Flying Doctors'

by Will Houp


Dr. Mike Majmundar will travel to Guatemala in late May
to provide facial reconstruction to Guatemalans.

April 18, 2013

FULTON COUNTY, Ga. – In Coban, Guatemala, Dr. Mike Majmundar, stood in a breezeless surgical room. The one fluorescent light hung above as he listened to the story of a 22-year-old woman who lived in a shack on the outskirts of her father's farm.

Her cleft lip had made her a social pariah since birth.

"Her father brought her in and said, 'I just want to give her the chance to get married,'" Majmundar said. "It took about an hour-and-a-half, and then we basically changed her life. It was a very, very satisfying surgery. Now she can assimilate in society."

Majmundar worked through Flying Doctors of America, a medical missions program. Their tagline is "helping the poorest of the poor," and Flying Doctors sends out teams to about anywhere in the world. Majmundar plans to return to Guatemala at the end of May. This time, his team will go to Antigua and Tikal.

Northside Facial Cosmetic Surgery, Majmundar's private practice, has three campuses in Atlanta, Roswell and Cumming. The practice focuses on facial reconstruction.

Majmundar began medical school training in Albuquerque, N.M., because he wanted to work with Native Americans. Due to poor diets and lack of medical care, cleft lips and palates are more common in Native American communities, said Majmundar.

Folic acid deficiency causes cleft lips and palates. In the U.S., there is pre-natal care and vitamins with folic acid in them. In addition, most breads and cereals are fortified with folic acid. Most cleft lip and palate surgeries take about an hour, said Majmundar.

"I originally went into plastic surgery because I wanted to work with cleft lips and palates," he said. "Unfortunately, there's not a huge cleft lip population here. But I still wanted to do it and provide my services to people who have those deformities. One way I found to do that is to go overseas. It's not uncommon to see cleft lips and palates in poorer and rural areas."

While in Guatemala last year, Majmundar and his team performed 24 surgeries in five days. The sobering fact is that they had to turn down about three times as many surgeries as they did. One 3-month-old with a cleft lip came on Majmundar's last day in Coban.

The family had driven six hours for possible surgery. Unfortunately, after the blood work, it was determined the little girl had a bleeding disorder that prevented surgery.


Dr. Mike Majmundar has a practice with three offices
in Atlanta, Roswell and Cumming. ( click for larger version )

"The parents were devastated," Majmundar said. "I still carry her picture in my phone just as a reminder that there are so many people who need help."

He plans to start a foundation for cleft lip and palate awareness and how to combat it. The foundation would provide folic acid to women at childbearing ages in rural and poor areas.

"The best way to increase awareness is to create a private organization," Majmundar said. "It's been a vision of mine, and I'm hoping it will be in place by this time next year."

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This article was published in the Johns Creek Herald April 18, 2013 edition

For Immediate Release
October 23, 2012


Dr. Mike Majmundar, director of Northside Facial Cosmetic Surgery, is pleased to announce that a portion of the proceeds from the practice’s Evening of True Beauty was donated in support of the Atlanta Chapter of Flying Doctors of America.

Flying Doctors of America is a volunteer charitable organization that brings together physicians, dentists, physicians' assistants, nurse practitioners, registered nurses, pharmacists, and other non-medical volunteers who give medical and dental care to people in developing countries throughout the world.

Dr. Majmundar, a double-board certified facial plastic and reconstructive surgeon, recently volunteered in Guatemala where he used his expertise to repair everything from cleft lips and palates, to severe facial deformities. For more information on Flying Doctors of America, and upcoming mission trips, visit or call Mr. Michael Altman at 404.273.8348.

ABOUT Dr. Majmundar and Northside Facial Cosmetic Surgery:
Dr. Majmundar was named 2011& 2012 Top Doctor in Atlanta by Atlanta Magazine and a 2011 & 2012 National Top Doctor by U.S. News & World Report, and Castle Connelly. He won the Distinguished Award of Excellence from the National Academy of Medicine.

Dr. Majmundar’s practice is unique in that he specializes exclusively in rejuvenation and surgery of the face and neck. His award-winning, complete approach to facial aesthetics, as well as his expertise in both surgical (including his signature procedures like the Natural Facelift, and No-Scar Nose Revison) and non-surgical techniques (including the Natural, Liquid Facelift), assure a natural, refreshed result. For more information call 770.475.3146 or visit the website at